Darda Irene

Artistic presents packaging and flower arrangement and teacher, member of Creative Union of the Russian Artists and International Federation of Artists, member of International association "Designer Union", expert of National Fond of Small and Medium Enterprises.

 Born in 1964 in Moscow. Higher education.

Has been working as a florist designer since 1992.

In 1993 has open first in Moscow department of artistic packaging in the store Petrovsky Passage. Till 2003 has organized and led a number of departments for artistic packaging in various stores. Since 1999 up to now leads a course of presents artistic packaging in various designer centers of Moscow and other regions of Russia. Every year for holiday season creates theme collections of artistic packaging and packaging of new arrived goods. Does thematic master classes. Writes for magazines: Flower Growing, Packaging, Floristic Design and Packaging for Professionals. Regularly takes part in exhibitions of floral arrangement and artistic packaging. From 1998 shows collections on TV (ORT: Good Morning, City of Women; TVC: The Mood, Fashion Non-Stop; Channel 3: City; Home Channel: Useful Morning; Channel TDK (NTV+): Good morning, beloved! and others). In 2003 became a member of the Council of National Fond of Small and Medium Enterprises of Russian Federation. As an expert of the Fund does seminars on new trends in artistic packaging.

Takes part in conferences and forums.

Has a post of Jury member in competitions on artistic packaging.

Working on the study book on artistic packaging and flower arrangement. Has contributed with the articles to the dictionary Package Design.

In 1994 was an artistic decorator for the movie Suspense (directed by R. Tegushev) Has a collection of old costumes and carnival clothes. Takes part in club life, costume evenings and matinees as artistic costume decorator.

Author of a book A Costume in 5 Minutes, published by AST-press in 2003 (second and third editions are known as Stylish Dresscode Quickly, issued in 2006 and 2007). The book is based on studies and travels in Kenya, Tanzania, India, Nepal and Bali. Has been showing costume design on TV: Channel Culture: Culture News, ORT: Good Morning, : Mood, Home Channel: Useful Morning, TDK (NTV+): Beauty. Has written for My Dacha magazine.

At the moment writing new chapters for the book A Costume in 5 Minutes (Stylish Dresscode Quickly).